The jegging ,an acceptable career wear?

We all know what a jegging is. It’s a skin tight pair of jeans worn by teenage girls and women. Ever since 2009 the jegging has been in high demand as we ask continually for tighter and tighter skin hugging clothing. Do you think the jegging is an acceptable item to wear to work? Most people think not. I personally feel that if combined with appropriate tops or maybe a fashionable cardigan or coat, and the right shoes, the jegging could be the perfect wear to work apparel that man has ever created. It is stylish and gives us an opportunity to scale our bodies, breathing in an air of feminine sleekness. So what can you wear with jeggings?

This is a wonderful top that can be worn to work with a pair of black jeggings and maybe a pair of ravishing Christian Louboutins. This top can be found at 80’s purple for those of you who are interested.

SO my fellow fashionistas I’d love to hear what you have to say about jeggings and work. Can the two mesh appropriately? What do you think would look stylish at the workplace, yet expressing contemporary functionality?


2 Responses to The jegging ,an acceptable career wear?

  1. Mito says:

    I think jeggings can look good if you are really skinny. Girls with curves look a tad slutty in them.

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