Fall 2010 trends and what to expect.

Fall is here, fellow fashionistas! You know what this means. Yep. Bring those UGGs out together with your pretty little scarves and awesome mitts. And maybe you could bring out that stylish coat you bought last year. Well well, this fall we have an interesting trend. Boots, hats, even military styled clothing! Where should I start…

Black and purple seems to be the color of the season. Versace in particular has been laying great emphasis on these colors. Here’s some of their fall stuff.

I quite like this. It shows that you can wear leggings with comfy boots and throw on a nice coat. Quite lovely. The colors work well too. I’m not such a huge fan of Donatella’s work, but bravo. Not all people may like the idea of a coat and would rather wear a nice cardigan, well hey, that works too! Leggings are definitely big this season, so get yourself some. I found another nice outfit although I’m sure alot would disagree on it. Well I could see alot of people pulling this one off.

This outfit has been meticulously put together. It’s typifies simplicity and modernity. A nice outfit I’d say. Again we see stockings, with a nice pair of shoes and voila a coat. Also this season, handbags are tending to become small. So go out there and get yourself a nice evening wear handbag. “Fur jackets are a huge trend this season. The faux fur jacket in my new clothing collection called Edit is a versatile piece that can be paired with jeggings for a casual chic style or teamed with a sheath dress for a dressier look,” says Jeanne Beker, the host of Fashion Television. Faux fur is definitely a highlight of this fall. Fur is making a comeback. I’d say dress with simplicity, for simple is the new modern. Don’t overdo it. THAT IS ALL for now my fellow fashionistas. Adieu. xoxo



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